Why Romanicos Chocolate?

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Romanicos’ Corporate Gifts program is the best-kept secret of companies, professionals, and business owners across the country. Why?

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You aren’t just sending chocolates. You are sending a message. When your client, customer, or colleague receives a package, it says: “this is important.” When they open it and find a box of fresh chocolates, with your company’s name, logo (and your custom message) on it, it says: “impressive.” When they actually taste the chocolates, they will say: “Mmmmmm.

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We help you build relationships.  In business, it really is all about relationships. And chocolate has a way of expressing appreciation in a way few other corporate gifts can. It’s still professional, but there’s a personal “feel” to chocolate that you don’t get with, say, a polo shirt with your logo on it. Our chocolates taste better, too.

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You don’t “lift a finger.” Well, you may have to lift a finger to place your order online. Or to dial your phone and call one of our friendly customer service experts. But that’s about it. After you place your order, we take care of everything else. Including design, fulfillment, shipping. Really.

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Reorders and new gifts are a snap. When you choose Romanicos’ corporate gift program, we work with you to design a customized package. And then we keep that design on file. So every time you want to send another gift, it just takes one email or phone call to let us know where to ship. No printers. No last-minute scrambling. Simple!

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Fresh ingredients. Incredible flavors. Our cocoa, fruits, nuts, and other ingredients are sourced from the finest purveyors around the world… resulting in delicious, sumptuous chocolates your clients, customers, and colleagues can’t get anywhere else. All our chocolates are made onsite in the Romanicos kitchen in Miami, FL…many of them by hand. They will taste the quality, and the freshness.

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