Romanicos Chocolate Story

Over fourteen years ago, I created Romanicos with the idea of making people happier and recreating the flavors of my childhood in Venezuela, which cultivates arguably the best cocoa beans in the world. Ten years later, my team and I still have the same essential goal.

We make chocolate the way it’s meant to be. We believe that everyone deserves a wholesome treat. For that reason, we make quality confections using only real chocolate, in small batches to ensure top quality, with the best real ingredients available. In this approach, we can assure a happy experience to all those who taste our delicious chocolate. We use neither corn syrup, nor HFCS in our products.

Our Chocolate Bars are Gluten-Free, Lactose-Free, and are suitable for either Vegans or Vegetarians. Our Japanese Ginger Chocolate Bar was selected as a Silver Finalist in the 2012 sofi™ Awards for the outstanding specialty foods of the year – chocolate.

We are always creating new flavors and products in our kitchen and look forward to sharing them with our clients. We hope you can enjoy our delicious confections as much we enjoy making them.

We want you to enjoy chocolate the way it’s meant to be, perfect. When we say perfect, we mean it! If your chocolate arrives and you are not satisfied with the product, let us know, and we will immediately send you a replacement package!


Alejandra Bigai • Owner