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At Romanicos Chocolate we are on a mission to make people happy one chocolate at a time!

Need your chocolate be delivered? We ship anywhere in the US and same day delivery is available in the Miami Area!

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What our customers are saying...

Thank you for the delicious box of chocolates.  I had to share them with the office.  Every thing about them says luxury from the flavor to your choice of a box to the stationary.  Your web site is almost as delicious as the chocolates.    I am so glad that you are open and I wish you much success.

I wanted to thank you for your wonderful chocolates. Once again they LOVED it!!! You and I need to work to see what other works of art we can come up with to use in the future.

It’s not only the yummy chocolates and the three logos that the recipients are surprised with when they open the box. It’s also the presentation from beginning to end. The black and red box, our logos so perfectly displayed, the red ribbon, the tissue paper inside.

 Everything is always perfect.

 Thanks again,


We want you to enjoy chocolate the way it’s meant to be, perfect!
When we say perfect, we mean it! We guaranteed that your chocolate will arrive fresh and not melted.
If not, let us know and we will immediately send you a replacement package!

Custom Made

Looking for a custom gift?.

Maybe we can help you. Just give us a call and we’ll be happy to look for way to make that custom gift memorable.

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